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live resin butter, buy weed online

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Looking to buy weed; with our team’s aid, we provide high quality cannabis products for both medical and recreational use at the best rates.

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At the Exotic Strain Dispensary, we believe the cannabis industry has enormous potential to make a positive impact on our society.
8605 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
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We are reachable through our contacts during working hours which are from 8:00 am—-11:30 pm daily, except sundays from 9:00 am—-5:30 pm.

ONLY 2 WEEKSURSA Tar Hill Pink Lemonade Cartridge

Pink Lemonade can be great for daytime use, its has a Sweet, Sour,Citrus Candy, Lemon, Grapefruit flavor profile. Grab this cart on discount if you need some good body relaxation.

$45.00 $54.00

URSA live resin cartridge

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Take a Look at Our Menu

Take a Look at Our Menu

Best Quality Products

We specialize in the most exotic cannabis strains and products, both medical and recreational inclined

Safety Precautions

Our shops are completely safe, we require every client to wear a face mask and our policy says one touch/one-touch checkout.

Delivery & Shipping

We provide a reliable delivery system at your address and outside our shops during late hours. We also ship packages out to other states and countries.

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Looking for exotic weed, pot, ediibles, vapes, carts, marijuana, cannabis products at the best rates with best deals? Try Us!!!

We deliver weed to the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe in France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Greece, Sweden and more

buy weed online
8605 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
8:00 am—-11:30 pm daily, except sundays from 9:00 am—-5:30 pm.
+1 (402)-979-7243
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Looking for exotic cannabis strains?

Looking for some exotic cannabis strains? Looking to buy weed? we are proud to welcome all patients who need good quality cannabis for any medical difficulties or the rest of the 420 community who just wanna experience a good high or the best weed experience. It should be noted that any recommendations from any members of our team should not be used above any medical advice.

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Order weed now and Pick up at our shop, or have it delivered at your address conveniently at a small fee.


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Bringing the most exotic weed strains and other cannabis products at Best Rates.

Exotic strain dispensary shop
exotic strain dispensary shop
buy weed online
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