CannabisHow to Pack and Smoke a Bowl of Cannabis

January 9, 2018by BoldThemes1

Doubting what a bowl is?

A bowl is one of the main components of a pipe or bong. It is the rounded-out part into which you pack the cannabis. This is the part which the weed is placed in a lit on fire.

How to pack a bowl

This is done by proper grinding of the weed, then proper placing in the bowl, its very important to grind your weed the right way especially using a good grinder like the King palm grinder You’ll want them broken down but not too fine. This helps small pieces of about the same size burn more evenly and consistently. You can move on to packing the grounded weed into the bowl, remember to carefully pick up a pinch of weed between your fingertips. Place it into the bowl and gently tamp it down with your fingers to keep it dank.

While this step isn’t always necessary, a filter of sorts can keep you from clogging the stem of your device or inhaling burnt bits of cannabis. You can create a natural filter with a bit of stem and intact calyx. Your other option is to purchase screens or using a paper.

The last step is to ash your bowl. Emptying it at the end of your session gets you ready for the next one. Don’t forget to clean your pipe or bong periodically so that you get clean hits every time. Some forget to remember it all starts with some good quality weed, to get the best experience.

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