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There was a time when cannabis was considered the source of all evils in the USA, even though in truth for some it was more than just getting high, it was a way of rebelling against the system. Happy are the days where many are free to use cannabis for its diverse uses.

California is one of the first places where cannabis was grown, particularly in the areas that benefited from a warmer climate with longer summers. This is how a few pioneers got started in cannabis growing and began to cross-breed different varieties. This process, led by a group of emerging breeders that were wise enough to realise the endless possibilities of this ancient plant, gave birth to the first cannabis hybrids. One of the first hybrids which popped up sooner than later was the skunk which was eventually named Skunk because of its pungent aroma.

what is the most balanced hybrid strain?

Not all hybrid strains are balanced in terms of their sativa and indica ranges or in terms of their CBD to THC ratios. Be it balanced or not, some strains are considered as the best hybrid strains in the market. The list keeps updating and growers keeps experimenting on these various strains. Most people reviewed cannatonic as the most balanced strain;

Cannatonic is my first choice for arthritis. It has done amazing things for me and brought me so much pain relief. I can now go about day-to-day life with a lot more ease and comfort. Arthritis is a terrible disease but having a natural remedy makes dealing with it a lot easier.

Cannatonics works well for my anxiety issues. I feel my body getting relaxed and relieved as soon as I consume it. Very effective!

What is the best hybrid strain 2022?
Looking for what is the best hybrid strain in the world? or the list of best hybrid strains in 2022, check this list out.
  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue
  • OG Kush
  • Skunk #1.
  • Bruce Banner #3
  • White Widow
  •  GG#4
  • Wedding Cake.
  • Chiquita Banana
  • Sour Space Candy



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