EDIBLESGushers Super Sour Berry (500mg THC)



Buy Gushers Super Sour Berry, Gushers are of various flavours, such as Strawberry Splash and Tropical Flavors, but the super sours are just on another level. This 500mg THC Medicated edible fruit snack is delicious with sweet tangy taste and perfect for many occasions. It is recommended to consume in a two hours interval since it has a strong and long-lasting high.

Buy Gushers edible, Gushers edibles are made with nut ingredients like gelatin, glucose, cane sugar, glycerin, citric acid and cannabis oil. The packet has a net weight of 1.07 ounces and rated as one of the most exotic edibles. Looking to buy THC infused edibles?, check out our Gushers super sour 500mg for sale and be the first to drop a review.

Buy Gushers Super Sour Berry

Buy Gushers Super Sour online, this product is currently available in stock in our Dispensary. Get it with a minimum order of three packets of one or several flavors, otherwise 1 packet and other products. You are welcome to stop at our shop for it, or have it delivered at your address at a small fee Gushers Super Sour are one of the edibles we consider as top shelf in our shop and other dispensaries.

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