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This 1g raw garden cartridge (cart) is made from refine live resin and is made from the blue beary strain with has a potency of about 35% THC. This 510 cart comes in a box with ready-to-use pens which are high in THC and contain the natural taste and aromas of the blue beary strain. There is not so much information about the blue beary strain but from users of the raw garden blue beary cart, they all confirmed this indica strain is euphoric, hits hard and gives you a happy feeling. This raw garden live resin cart is made of 89.64% cannabinoids and a total THC rating of 87.092%

if you are wondering how to know if raw garden carts fake? or if raw Garden cart legit? check out the stickers and seals appended, including a package date, dispensary license, and QR code scan for lab results. The Raw garden cartridges and Raw garden disposables available in our shop are directly from Raw garden, you can check the raw garden lab results to confirm. The raw garden battery is so awesome it could last for 4 hours, but unfortunately, we don’t sell the raw garden battery without a raw garden cartridge.

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Buy Raw Garden Blue Beary online, this product is currently available in stock in our Dispensary. Get it with a minimum order of three packets of one or several flavors, otherwise 1 packet and other products. You are welcome to stop at our shop for it, or have it delivered at your address at a small fee Raw Garden Blue beary are one of the cartridges we consider as top shelf in our shop and other dispensaries.

Do we sell raw garden batteries?

This product is a Top Shelf. Check out to other Top shelf cannabis products.


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