Wagyu kush strain or olive wagyu strain, is a rare yet best for most user weed strain by the ten co. It’s hard hitting with a great body high you’d expect from a 100% pure Indica strain! It’s great for right before bedtime to relax you into a good nights sleep. This strain has a 16% THC rating with more effects like euphoric and keeps you happy Stop thinking of where to buy wagyu kush strain, where to buy wagyu weed strain.

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Looking for wagyu weed near me? Or looking to order wagyu weed strain?, this product is currently available in stock in the Exotic strain Dispensary shop. Shop it with a minimum order of an Oz (28g) alone or any quantity above 15g with any other product. You are welcome to stop at our shop for it, or have it delivered at your address at a small fee. We also deliver to the UK, Europe in France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Greece, Sweden and more.

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